1 August 2010

Top 10 Tech-House & Space Disco Jams, August 2010

Jamie Anderson K-Alexi Cyclone, Mija, Stacey Pullen
Quality galore this month as always and with some appearances from the old-school in the form of old school raver Gavin Hardkiss and Detroit wonder-kid Stacey Pullen.

Top 10 Tech-House & Space Disco Jams - August 2010
1. Office Gossip - Var. II (Dark Energy)
      - Hallmarks of Underground Resistance styles in this future jazz tech track.
2. Hardy Heller - Give Them A Haus (Alex Connors Mix) (Ohral)
- bouncy track with some distinct Kerri Chandler 'Bar A Tym' nods.
3. Nick Robson - Pranaloop03 (Pure Substance)
     - Sparse, bleepy groove with hooky backing vocal and that burning vibe.

4. FT Mode - Berlin Calling (NightChild)
     - A superb dubby tech groove that'll fry a few people's brains at 5am.
5. Jamie Anderson feat Mr K-Alexi - Cyclone (Stacey Pullen Remix) (Mija)
    - The original was wicked now Stacey Pullen adds his hi-tek soul magic.

6. Berny & Guru - Protect Yourself (Spiritchaser Remix) (Seamless Black)
- Subtle swingy groover with a great remix from the deep tech dons Spiritchaser. 

7. Georg Levin - Late Discovery (Shahrokh Dini No Chant Mix) (BBE)
     - A classy, synth-led take on one of the best tracks from Levin's recent album. 
8. Gavin Hardkiss - Cocoboom (Drunken Monkey Remix) (Noice)
- Old raver returns in fine style with quirky mixes including a gem from Drunken Monkey.

9. Shomzee - Rent A House (DeepClass)
     - Bouncy deep house from one of the most reliable labels out there in this style.
10. Ishome - Al Capone (Indeks Music)
- Dubby, off-kilter druggy tech-house.

Classic Pic: Kerri Chandler - The Old Office (The Thing For Linda EP, 1998)
One of the oddest Chandler releases and hands-down one of the best too. An amazing deep groove which oozes class.

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