23 August 2010

August Lazy Tune Reviews 2

Milton Jackson, Beautiful Liars, Dark Energy
Milton Jackson - Beautiful Liars E.P. (Dark Energy)
With a passing nod to the classic Maurizio vibe Milton Jackson returns with 'Beautiful Liars'. With a hypnotic groove from the get-go and a slowly twisting and morphing arrangement you get the impression this could be his best production ever. This track was a done deal even before the sublime keys started half way through and it still grabs me instantly after a pile of listens like a classic you've known for years. 'Beat Talk' takes a different tack, using an out of tune sample and a superbly recreated mid-90s style vibe in a sort of pokey part disco - part drum track. 5/5
John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite Remixes (Bedrock Records)
John Digweed, Satellite Remixes, Maetrik, BedrockRecent release 'Satellite' gets two quality makeovers from Christian Smith and Maetrik. Smith does the sparse and hypnotic big-room tech vibe which he does so well - retaining the acid bass from the original but bumping up with synth line and big-room rises and reverbs. Maetrik goes in almost the opposite direction taking it more housey and funky. As he's shown many times recently he's got mad skills at creating infectious dubby grooves with heaps of appeal and zero cheese factor. He keeps it dark but adds heaps of swing and his usual quirky interludes and samples. 4/5
Satellite Remixes at Beatport 

Detlef, Sonim, Em Ti
Detlef - Sonim (Material Records)
One of my favourite drum programmers, straight out of Greece, drops yet another gem. 'Sonim' is little more than a hooky drum groove on first listen but has a saxophone sample cunningly morphed in and out of the arrangement which adds just enough extra x-factor to make the track stand out. 'Em Ti' is  more of the same although more ethnic is vibe - on similar ground to what M.in and Basti Grub have become famous for. It's a solid drum groove with stabbed samples and morphed background vocals used as rhythm fills. Nice stuff. 3/5
Detlef at Beatport

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