Mixes and Edits

Access to my mixes and edits on Soundcloud right here. You can play them right here or click on the button on the right hand side to download. 

The Way You Chill Me (April 2011). My idea of a Sunday chill-out mix.
1998 at The Box. A mix of classics from 1998 and inspired by The Box nightclub. Some absolute gems including Moodymann, Pepe Bradock, Mood II Swing, Angel Moraes, Dimitri From Paris, Satoshi Tomiie, Deep Dish and more. (Mixed in May 2009)

The Way You Groove Me (March 2010) is just that - a groove. Spanning mid-90s wild-pitch NYC house through to modern techno and ethnic rhythms. Aired on radio in France, Italy, Greece, Argentina, Australia and numerous blogs/sites around the place.

Chicago Classics (August 2009). Enjoy a mini-mix of classic Chicago house from the late 80s to mid 90s. Made as a promo for the History of Dance - Chicago "The Warehouse" event at Cassette Nine. It's got lots of those ohh oooh... fuck! I know that one sort of tunes.

Lazy Sunday 2nd Birthday Party (October 2009). One of those sunny afternoon rooftop parties where people who haven't slept show up, get more drunk and think they're dancing. (sorry about the distortion!)