26 July 2010

Some Tech-House Gems for Your Ears

Office Gossip, Imperfect Variations, Var. II, Dark Energy
Office Gossip - Imperfect Variations (Dark Energy)
If there's one thing there isn't enough of anymore it's really quirky, jazz-inspired house/techno. Office Gossip have made plenty of dope tunes but 'Var. II' on this EP has got an Underground Resistance sort of epic quality. 5/5

Hardy Heller, Alex Connors, Fred Haus, Ohral
Hardy Heller - C/o op E.P. (Ohral)
The Alex Connors mix of 'Give Them A Haus' will have you thinking you're listening to a remake of Kerri Chandler's 'Bar A Thym'. With similar styled keys and chunky groove this is a secret weapon for the near future for me. Hardy teams also teams up with Alex Connors on 'Fred, The Pink Elephant' which has an great remix in the name of the C-Rock Wild Pitch Mix. Wild Pitch it is with a wicked 90s DJ Pierre throwback vibe. 4/5

Jamie Anderson K-Alexi Cyclone Remix
Jamie Anderson feat Mr K-Alexi - Cyclone Remixes (Mija)
Following the original earlier this year Cyclone returns with Stacey Pullen, Fish Go Deep and Coyu on the mix. Stacey Pullen does his hi-tek soul percussive house thing to perfection with great use of the vocals. Fish Go Deep take things more hypnotic with a slow-burning groove which is undeniably classy and dance floor friendly, with both a vocal and dub on offer. 4/5
Nick Robson Pranaloop, Pure Substance
Nick Robson - Pranaloop E.P. (Pure Substance Digital)
Pure Substance seem to find lots of interesting acts, usually a bit proggy, who have a knack for originality. Nick Robson's new 4-track release gets top marks, especially for 'Pranaloop03', a sparse bleepy groove with a sort of proggy vibe but also a Robert Hood minimalist groove. Hard to explain but something which would fit alongside heaps of styles well. 4/5

John Digweed Nick Muir, Meteor, Bedrock
John Digweed & Nick Muir - Satellite / Meteor (Bedrock)
It's not often Bedrock would pop up here but as of late they've impressed me with some Chymera-ish slow burners. This latest release has got me thinking how long it's taken for this sound to come full circle. 'Meteor' is nothing too flashy but a slow building/peaking groove based around a simple synth and with Digweed/Muir's signature percussion vibes. Think Pryda but less obvious. 3/5

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