11 July 2010

Luca Ricci presents Aenaria Tech Sonar 2010 - Review

Luca Ricci presents Aenaria Tech Sonar 2010
I don't check out very many compilations as they rarely seem to be my bag - either the music or the piecing-together - but reckon this comp is one worth checking out. It's by Italian DJ/producer Luca Ricci who's been a purveyor of quality underground music for as long as I can remember. He also runs one of the most underrated labels out there: Aenaria.

This comp is a showcase of the Aenaria Tech label sound for Sonar 2010. It's the sort of deep, dubby tech house which has staying power, no circuit DJ styles or obvious filler, just a pile of gems which are quality enough to rock a dance floor but deep enough to not get thrashed by every Sheep-port top ten DJ.

Some stand-out tunes on here are Macrotech "Circle", a brilliant Blade Runner style number which sounds straight out of Stacey Pullen's crate; F.Sonic "Grand Bright" in a superb loopy, jazzy number which is pretty housey by his standards but still very cool; and David Vice "Som Tam", a train sampling deep tech roller with a classy 90s vibe. In all a pleasant listen and some cracking new tunes for playing out if you get the unmixed version!

Soundcloud preview: Luca Ricci presents Aenaria Tech Sonar 2010

Unmixed comp at Traxsource: Aenaria Tech Sonar 2010

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