8 July 2010

House & Techno Top 10 Chart - July 2010

Claudio Mate, Slanted Black, Many Ward, Joi Cardwell
Let's face it, the northern summer is a good time to release tunes. There are squillions of awesome tunes out there. Here are two hand-fulls which I reckon kick a bit of arse.

Rob's Top 10 House & Techno jams - July 2010
1. Claudio Mate & Frankie Granato - Music Is A Love Thing (Snejl)
      - a dub-techno styled groove with hook!
2. Koen - Tolle (Aenaria Music)
3. Brotherly - Breathe (Shur-I-Kan Dub) (Dark Energy)
4. Mark O'Sullivan - Viva Voodoo (Nachklangmusik remix) (Nice & Nasty)
      - dope, the way techno should be more often!
5. Uninvited Partners - Day Of The Shogun (Lace Recordings)
      - heavenly strings with a sort of Strings of Life quality.
6. Justin Berkovi - Day Pass Nights Creep In (EevoNext Recordings) 
      - not sure my speakers can go low enough to hear all the bass on this. Darkness!
7. Manny Ward & Joi Cardwell - All Night (Danny Buddah Morales Remix) (Slanted Black)
      - Danny Morales turning good into great. He still has the skills.
8. DJ Gomor - Rablajoie (Lace Recordings)
      - like a bit of 90s sounding acid badness? Then this is for you?
9. Björn Wilke - Mendrum (Original Mix) (Kaato Music)
      - a solid 'Women Beat Their Men'-sampling drum groove
10. Jose Diaz - Luz Del Sol (Ovidi Adlert Remix) (Molacacho Records)

Classic Pic: Katcha - Touched By God (Peace Division Mix) 1999
Where tech-house meets disco and prog with wicked results. An infectious vocal and hypnotic groove!

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