24 March 2009

Kerri Chandler's Classic 'Track 1' Revisited

Kerri Chandler Track 1 RevisitedKerri Chandler has done the almost unthinkable and released a set of remixes of his own 'Track 1' from the Atmosphere EP. To put it simply, Track 1 was a blueprint for modern deep house with a wicked soulful groove, subtle keys and sax line. Nothing in it was overdone and the simplicity was part of the genius of it. I loved this record from it's first release in 1993 and would even say if Chandler had never made another record he would still have just as significant a place in deep house history for making this record alone.

For me Track 1 is one of those records that shouldn't be touched, especially not by some shitbox Sydney fluro posse or the Swedish house fodder mafia as I feared it might. Thankfully Chandler has done the remixes himself - five of them - and has treated this record as it should be, with respect. Actually, it's one of the first times I've not been disappointed by a remixed classic.

The remixes stick in the broad style and generally use a fair bit of the original elements. A couple add a replayed saxophone which, although cool, isn't really my thing. The more clubby mixes he's done however, the Bigga Mix and the New Old School Mix are both wicked retakes of the original idea. The Bigga Mix in particular adds some superb spacey effect in a perfectly appropriate update. The New Old School Mix is the closest to the original version

A great thing about this for many is it's the first time (that I know of) that Track 1 has been available in digital format. So it can now enchant another era of dance floors. Check it out: Kerri Chandler - Track 1 Revisited at Traxsource.


J said...

excellent to hear this. i didn't remember the name of this record but have heard it many times without knowing it.

Anonymous said...

I think a version of the original is available on www.beatport.com

R W said...

Nope. Not the original.