7 April 2009

Rob's Future House Top 10, April 2009

Basti Grub, Itokim, Dark Energy Recordings

Another month and another pile of great records fly in the door. Basti Grub is on fire with a new double LP, Das Dschungel Orchester, which is def worth checking out. Palm Skin Productions release the latest on Dark Energy records in super fine style with 'Done'. Lastly, check out Soundrags 'Within You Without You' for a quirky remake of a George Harrison (yes, from The Beatles) classic.

1. Basti Grub - Niccilied (Höhenregler)
3. Mirco Violi - Caballo (Original Mix) (Hypercolour)
4. Itokim - Two & One (Nice & Nasty)
5. Phonique featt Liora - Teenage Love (Kevin Yost remix) (Dessous)
6. M.in & Sascha Lebemann - Maya (Waldliebe Musik)
7. Soundrags - Within You Without You (Discofunka mix) (Sound Division)
8. Soul Collector - Touch Me (Original Mix) (Fatal Music)
9. Cevin Fisher - The Freaks Come Out (Prok & Fitch remix) (Subversive)
10. Jaybeetrax - I Know You Are Afraid (Jetlag Digital)

Classic Pic: Maas - Another Saturday Night (Swag Mix) (Soma Recordings, 1997 - at Beatport: Another Saturday Night)

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