23 March 2009

Nice & Nasty - Top Notch Techno and More

Nice & Nasty, Rob Warner review, ChymeraIf there's one label which feels like it's living the techno spirit it's Nice & Nasty Records. Crazy as it may seem they're not even from Detroit, rather Dublin, Ireland.

Nice & Nasty have been releasing tunes for well over a decade and have an artist roster which includes Chymera, Terrence Dixon, Orlando Voorn, SourceCode, Tr One, Tomi Chair, Itokim and more... some well known and others breaking through with their own Detroit, Blade Runner and silver jump-suit inspired sounds.

They've put out a pile of releases in the past 18 months or so which rock and sum up what the broad tech category means to me - from Terrence Dixon's seeming retake on 90s rave icons Eon through to the astounding synth led techno of Chymera.
Some essential Nice & Nasty to get you going!

Chymera - My Love (Sourcecode and Remlab remix). Hands-down on the best tech-style tunes of the past year. This takes Chymera's blissful keys and turns it into a buzzing mother of a tune.

Orlando Voorn - The Beholder. Voorn puts 99% of funky house artists to shame with this groovy disco inspired deep house.

Tomi Chair - Midnight Skywalker (Orig and Scott Curtis Jackobi mix). An epic tune to put Deadmau5 and other rodent lovers to shame. If you want it big hit the Scott Curtis Jackobi mix. If epic deepness is your thing, go for the original.

Rabid Romancer - Circle of Life (from Ella's Tea Party EP). A very mid 90s E-Dancer 'World Of Deep' vibe track of the highest order!

Terrence Dixon - Tranquility (Octogen remix). I dunno why but this screams Eon to me. If you even know who J Saul Kane (aka Eon) is then chances are you'll appreciate this.

Itokim - Two & One (from No One Else EP). I long for a day when this sort of record rules - it's modern and forward thinking but with a classic vibe to it. The percussion, bass and keys are subtle in every way.
Tr-One - Detroit after Dark. A Jeff Mills 'Live At The Liquid Room' style deep dubby number.

Tr One also mixed a sort of a tribute to Juan Atkins DJ mix in January - a collection of records which, in his words "music that wouldn’t have been possible without Juan’s influence." - I agree. Check out the mix in the link above.


Matty K said...

Cool one Rob. Will check it out.

Kazuumi said...

I've been doing a manager/agent for Itokim.
Thanks for the nice comment you wrote about 'No One Else EP'. ;-)


Scott said...

This is worth looking into. I love that detroit style and Orlando V especailly.

desy balmer said...

thanks for the support rob. much appreciated. new music from Itokim, Sectret Groovers, Lex Loofah, Lackluster, Mick Chillage and Vakama out this summer. for more info go to: http://www.niceandnasty.net

desy balmer said...

oh yeah and Orlando Voorns follow up to the beholder (vinyl and downlaod) 'ANGLES' with remixes from Rob GLennon, Vakama, Fran Hartnett, Tomas Jirku and OV's fellow Dutch superstar DAVE ELLSEMERE.