22 February 2009

Rob's Future Garage Top 10, February 2009

DJ Rob Warner Tech-house ChartDeepness is the name of the game for the tunes which caught my ear this month. Check out the new Murat Ozer mixes of Darren Duvall 'My Control' in particular and Orlando Voorn's latest, 'The Beholder, a super deep and soulful groover. Also on Milton Jackson's new album, 'Crash', is 'Orbit 3' which is basically a stunning update on Freddie Hubbard 'Little Flower' from 1967 (which was more famous in recent times as the inspiration for Pépé Bradock 'Deep Burnt' and Akabu 'Ride The Storm'. Beyond all probability it was also remade in the 70s by a vibraphonist called Milt Jackson - pass me my tinfoil hat!). Anyway - it kicks ass.

Rob's Future Garage Top 10, February 09
1. Orlando Voorn - The Beholder (Nice & Nasty)
2. Milton Jackson - Orbit 3 (Freerange)
3. Darren Duvall - My Control (Murat Ozer Remix) (Ready Mix Records)
4. Daniel Kyo - Shake It (Dark Energy Recordings)
Tom Cerrox - Adetola (Cerrox Records)
6. Chris Luzz - Real Lies (Shaken Republik)
7. Subb-an - Sloopy (Immigrant Records)
8. Jaimy - A Little Closer (Original Mix) (Fatal Music)
9. Antoine Caesar - Live Lobster (Really Really Big Records)
10. Developer - Walk On Air (4 Track Records)

Classic Pic:
Roach Motel - The Night (Deep Night mix) (1996, Junior Boy's Own)

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