21 February 2009

Reviews with Rob Warner - February 09

Chris Luzz, Subb-an, Ready MixDarren Duvall - My Control (Remixes) (Ready Mix Records)
A host of remixes of what was a solid track from 2006 starts with Turkish talent Murat Ozer whose two mixes are deep rides of sublime subtlety which have just the right amount of elements, drop-outs and soul. It comes in both ‘keys’ and ‘no keys’ version which is a nice addition. Sebastian Davidson’s mix is more abstract with an atmosphere which will appeal to progressive lovers. Daniel Kyo completes the pack with a techier take which is a bit more peak-time with stabby synths and bouncy groove.

Chris Luzz - New York Sleaze EP (Shaken Republik)
Shaken Republik hits the jackpot with Chriss Luzz’s latest three-track EP. ‘Real Lies’ is a sparse tech-prog monster which proves its quality on first listen. The basic melody rings out over a techy groove which, over four minutes, builds in a pretty relaxed manner before adding in a jammy acid synth reminiscent of French tech-heads The Youngsters. This is a perfect to bridge the gap from a warm-up to peak-time vibe. ‘7AM Beer Run’ is more straight-up prog with crisp percussion and hypnotic synth/bass line. Luzz keeps with the techno influences adding the small details bit by bit to raise the intensity without resorting to obvious drops/rises. Check out New York Sleaze at Beatport.

Subb-an - Opiates EP (Immigrant Records)
Subb-an has had a string of top notch productions on Immigrant so it’s not surprising to see him pop up again with another. Dubby, techy styles are the name of the game here and the killer on the EP is ‘Sloopy’ which has quite a sinister vibe to it. Some tweaked out synth sounds and vocal samples give this a dark, basement club appeal which is what I love. John Tejada adds a solid remix which is more hectic and full of acid bleeps and clicks. The whole EP is worth a listen if dubby tech styles are your thing.

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