14 January 2009

Reviews with Rob Warner - Jan 09 : Take 2

Asad Rizvi, Valentino Kanzyani, ReviewIt's always a good week when you get new tunes from trusted veterans like Asad Rizvi and Valentino Kanzyani. DARN!... And just as cool when you discover someone new such as the debut on from Argenitian producer Jono Prado.
Asad Rizvi ft Lauren Kitara – Apathy (Tango Recordings)
Asad seemed to disappear of the radar a bit in 2008 but his latest single shows he’s not lost the knack for creating a really understated, quality vibe. ‘Apathy’ is not quite as peppy as his massive 'Slippery Heights' from 2004 but sits in the same space – spacey, deep house with great vocals and his trademark twists using spacey effects and laid-back arrangement. The Christian Malloni mixes included are also pretty solid as well.

Valentino Kanzyani & Tomy Declerque – 33 (Jesus Loved You Special)
Kanzyani celebrated his 33rd birthday with a massive party - or so the press-release goes – and the release of ‘33’ with his regular production partner Tomy Declerque. The result here is two solid house tracks. Which both weigh in at over 10 minutes each. ‘33 A’ is a percussive, jacking track with hints of electro while ‘33 B’ is a freaky hypnotic groove – the likes of which I can image having people crawl walls at 6am in a dark room. Definitely a keeper.

Jona Prado - Copy Of (Only Digital)
This is sort of in the ‘clubby electro’ space so usually would be in my bin next to all of the Deadmau5 tosh but given it is on Only Records, who’ve been busting out great tunes for ages, I gave it a good chance. The main even here is ‘Copy Of’, a dance floor monster which rides a fine line, avoiding stepping into full-blown party mode but keeping close enough that it would have most dance floors rocking big time. The other track, ‘Search Off ‘, is more proggy in true Only Recs style with heaps of their trademark eastern European prog vibe.

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