19 September 2007

Music Spiel - 17 September 2007 new tunes updates

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2007 hasn't let up for a minute with the number of quality tunes coming out. September "Spiel" has more from across the global dance floor.

Jordan Two Delta – Stomp (Sensual Records NYC)
This is solid proper house by a rising talent in the scene and on the newly launched Sensual Records. After a massive recent release under alter-ego Lincoln Six Echo this is no step down from the bar already set. "Stomp" is based around a simple, rolling groove/bass and piano stab. Simple, classic and very hypnotic. The original is straight out of the 90s school - a low kick/bass and old-school vibe. Remixes come from Poussez, who turn in a sublime chord-driven future-disco anthem using only stabs of the piano, and K1W1, who does a nostalgic mix with distorted organs and deep deep bass.

TG – The Night Surfer EP (Fling Recordings)
One of the hottest new labels around, Fling Recordings, drops the latest Tim Green effort under his TG moniker. "Night Surf" is melodic minimal techno with a dark bassline and peppy tempo to it. Floaty chords and intricate percussion make this the star track on the EP. "For Sure" is a more kicking techno track which rolls along with twisted cup-up vocals creating much of the rhythm-line and a mental breakdown for great effect. Two more tracks in similar style round of the EP.

Kourosh & Ric-M - Tears (Ready Mix Records)
Calling this Portuguese tribal house undersells it just a tad. The original of "Tears" is a big-room tribal number with funky keys which sit half way between techno and big-room ethereal progressive. The anthem here for me though is the truly massive Mark Voxx remix which is everything that quality house music is about - rhythmical, suspense-filled, madness. It builds bit by bit until you're hooked into a dreamscape of beachy keys, shuffly beats before the anthemic breakdown. The mix by Omikron will appeal to the progressive fans out there and "Lontano's Ocean of Sorrow" remix to the minimal electronic side of the floor. Totally kick-ass music whichever way you bake it!

Fan Erhalder – Sparkplug EP (Immigrant Digital)
Immigrant Digital's latest four-track release is Fan Erhalder's follow up to the awesome "Crazy Ducks" EP. The opening track, "Physicist", is a peppy tech-house groover with glitchy percussion and stripped down bass. "Tupolev" is in a similar vein to Crazy Ducks and is a dance floor bomb - tough, driving tech-house with punchy synth stabs and metallic rides would drive you bananas in a dark room at 6am. Two more solid tracks on the EP round it off as one of my favourite tunes as of late.

Facundo Mohrr - North Fiji / South Fiji (FeralCode Records)
FeralCode steps out in style once again proving themselves to be one of the best progressive labels out there. "North Fiji" sets out as a slow-burning progressive journey as clich├ęd as it sounds, but it's the best description for this tune. The subtle chords and bubbly sub-bass give this a Nick Warren-ish style quality. "South Fiji" sets out a bit more percussive and housey but has a similar soul and character to it. This is one for the big-room journey DJs for sure.

Boombatcha - Out Of Body Experience LP (Aenaria Chill)
Luca Ricci's Aenaria Records drops yet another quality release, a eight-track release of coolness by longtime French-living English DJ Boombatcha. A couple of the standout tracks for me include "Preminitions", a synthy, techy, progressive track which reminds me of the best moments in a Danny Howells set – a tune which fits into lots of styles and just glues you to the dance floor. "Fastpath" is a more manic, funky prog number with a big bassline and old-school Guerilla Records-style synth action sure to please fans of future-retro style music. Check out the rest of the release for other quality bits in similar style.


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