25 September 2007

Rob Warner live on George FM, 25 September 2007

Rob Warner guest show on George FM, 25 September 2007

George FM setlist:
-The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Ropeadope Recs)
-Jichael Mackson - The grass is always greener (Musique Risquée)
-Quicksound - Butterflies (CDR)
-The Innocent - Theme From Blue Cucaracha (Grooveyard remix) (After Midnight)
-Sensurreal - untitled (Fortek)
-Rejected - Let's Go Juno (Rejected Music)
-Jichael Mackson - Freitag Abend (Musique Risquée)
-Jrod Indigo - Indigo Music (Ruffy & Tuffy dub) (Smash Hit Music)
-Joe Claussell - Marco Polo (Idaban)
-Terje & Anders - Bosse (Snejl Records)
-Kourish & Ric-M - Tears (Mark Voxx remix) (Ready Mix)
-16 Bit Lolitas - Difficult (CR2 Records)
-Valentino Kanzyani - Simple Things Do Work (Circle Music)
-Joris Voorn - Chemistry of Attraction (Dark Science Dub) (Wolfskuil Records)
-Eric Sneo - Danca Da Familia (Beatdisaster Records)
-Le Noir - Eleny (Fling Recordings)
-TG - Night Surf (Fling Recordings)
-Salt City Orchestra - The Book (Hardback dub) (Paper Recordings)

Cheers to those who listened in. georgefm.co.nz

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Anonymous said...

Awesome show Rob. listened in online. Eddie- Sg