12 December 2012

Techno on fire

Techno has been on fire as of late. I cast the term a little broadly but the quality of recent techy releases has been outstanding in the later part of 2012.

Here's a couple I've reviewed for Ibiza Voice which might rock your boat.

Tim Wolff - Quotum EP (Bulletdodge)
- a loopy groove in the classic Jeff Mills style. Some wicked remixes by Ben Sims, Roel Salmeink, and Al Bradley will have you dancing! Read the review

Ku.Bo - Let's Go (Bastardo Electrico)
- more on the dub techno tip and full of crackly, wonky sounds and quirky diversions. "Detox" is an outstanding set-starting track. Review of Ku.Bo here

Carl Taylor - Debbie's Groove (EPM Music)
- a truly genius record which is based on a disco sampled loop from the 80s. The original is brilliant and the ever-awesome Robert Hood still managed to improve on it. Review of Carl Taylor here

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