20 August 2012

Tech house classics mix

I delved deep into my collection from the 90s and compiled a new mix of tracks from 1998 that rocked a certain club I played at back then, The Box. It's a tech-house/techno classics mix called "Sweat" - the follow up to part 1 of the mix posted here.

This sort of music suited the space perfectly - it was a low-roofed dark basement which, when busy, sweat dripped from the roof. By today's air-conditioned standards that might sound a little low-brow but when The Box was in full flight there were few better clubbing experiences to be had anywhere. The sound system was beyond compare locally and records took on a new life when played there.

The mix contains music by Green Velvet, Stacey Pullen, DJ HMC, Danny Tenaglia, Christopher Just, Quakerman, G Flame and more.

If you dig this I regularly post more along these lines on my facebook.com/robwarnerdj feed.

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