8 September 2010

Tech & House Picks - September

Various Artists - Tunis Diaspora Three E.P. (Lace Recordings)
Tunis Diaspora Three, DJ Mourad, Lace RecordingsDJ Mourad kicks off with ‘Mujave Desert’ which is hard to describe the awesomeness of. It’s got the dubby groove of classic Mood II Swing and the bouncy off-kilter synth line of a 1980s Chicago house number. Add in modern production quality and you’ve got one hell of a record. DJ Nabil follows with ‘Nouba’, a synthy deep house number in the sort of Milton Jackson vibe – deep with hints of techno. It’s superbly arranged with a few interesting change-ups for good effect. DJ Dali’s ‘Introdaction’ is a cool round-out of the EP along a more Chicago tip with a sax line and boompty action. In all a very cool EP. 4/5
Tunis Diaspora Three EP at Junodownload

Aid To The Soulless ft Jon Pierce - I’ll Do Remixes (United Music)
Aid To The Soulless, Rob Salmon, United MusicThis is right in the US soulful house tip with classic 90s vibe. Jason B’s mix is a shuffly low key affair with the vocal being the main focus. It’s arranged really nicely with an infectious feel. Rob Salmon’s remix has a more 90s gospel house feel and oozes class, making use of an uplifting piano vibe paired with Salmon’s usual deep bassline style and funky percussion elements. This will probably go over the heads of straight-up party house lovers but would be an epic moment in the set of a soulful house DJ. Cool New York vibes. 3/5
Aid To The Soulless - I'll Do at Traxsource

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