20 September 2010

Corrugated Tunnel 'Minor Obsessions' Review

Corrugated Tunnel, Minor Obsessions, Review
Corrugated Tunnel drops his third studio album, Minor Obsessions, in October and it is a showcase of his diverse sounds which cross between house, techno and other styles of electronica. It's set out somewhat in a true 'artist album' manner – i.e. not being a collection of singles but more a showcase listen in itself – and is a really nicely crafted and quirky listen.

Starting with the acid influenced tech-house of 'Festival' and the techy breaks of 'Fade Away' it's quickly apparent this LP has as one foot in the 1992 Altern-8 camp and the other in the modern house. Contrasting that, 'Keep The Change' and 'Cabin Fever' are the eclectic moments of the album, reminding me in some ways of parts of the Blade Runner soundtrack – melancholy and retro-futuristic.

The use of vocals on this album is also quite classy and a departure from the usually average efforts heard in dance music - right from the full-on classic house vocals in 'The Rejection' to 'Shine On' with its Vanessa Daou-style poetry - it all works well.

'Remedy For My Soul' also appears here after a release earlier in the year with remixes from Rennie Foster, Jay Riordan etc. It might be the poppy moment of the CD, but does it with enough quirk and class to stand well above most efforts at this sort of vibe.

Corrugated Tunnel has been called Dublin's answer to Röyksopp and Trentemøller. I'd add Télépopmuzik to that list too after hearing this. Maybe it's some weird affinity to artists who have symbols on/above their vowels or that there is a fast growing stable of quality Irish artists like Chymera, Mark O'Sullivan etc helping to raise the whole game. Whatever it is, it sounds great.

'Minor Obsessions' is out on 11 October on Process Recordings.

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