2 June 2010

Top 10 Deep House & Techno jams - June 2010

MidiDropMusic, Technasia, NightChild RecordsSome gems this month including more blade-runner house remixes from Mark O'Sullivan, a sultry deep space disco gem from Edmund and the release of Technasia's new album Central - packed full of wicked grooves. Surely a contender for best electronic album of 2010.

Rob's Top 10 Deep House & Techno jams - June 2010
1. Alvina Red & Manuel Perez - Celica (Mark O'Sullivan remix) (Nice & Nasty)
2. Technasia - Voyager Eternals (Long mix) (Technasia)
3. MidiDropMusic - Underneath The Abyss (Lemon Popsicle Remix) (Ready Mix)
4. Manuel Perez - Paradise Already (Mark O'Sullivan Remix) (Enjoy)
5. Antoine Caesar & Timur Valiev - Whisper of Mars (Indeks Music)
6. Hideo Kobayashi - Cosmogony (Original Mix) (Fatsouls)
7. Edmund - You Got The Love (DeepClass Records)
8. Urban Collective - Blue Night (Franco Martinelli Mix) (NightChild)
9. Marcel Best - Ego (Global Ritmico Records)
10. Aux 88 - Space Satellites (Black Tokyo Aux 88 remix) (Echoism)

Classic Pic: Chiapet - Westworld (Yoshitoshi, 1999)
Wanna know how to take a kick drum, a snare, bugger all else and make a devastating track? Then copy this. It's near perfection from John Ciafone (aka Mood II swing)

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