29 May 2010

Dimitri From Paris gets down with the Philly Sound

Dimitri From Paris, Get Down with the Philly SoundAs far as music revivals go we're in an interesting era right now. The Nu-Disco style has fast become popular with new artists rising alongside always there maestros like Ray Mang and Daniel Wang - but why now though? Why the massive injection of soulful funky vibes into house music which has been dominated by commercially slanted soulless rubbish in recent years?

Alongside Nu-Disco is a parallel revival of original disco. We've had Salsoul era stuff re-released, Dimitri From Paris' Nightdubbin compilation from last year and a swag of dope disco edits by the likes of Todd Terje etc.

So, surprise surprise to see Dimitri From Paris' latest effort, 'Get Down with the Philly Sound', is hitting the big time with a collection of original Philadelphia International Records releases from the 1970s - a label which accounted for some of the most influential pieces of music which paved the way for house music.

A mate of mine who is much more knowledgeable on this era said "why does Dimitri have to fuck with these classics?" which could be the case to purists; and to be fair the re-release business has got a bit out of hand recently. Interestingly here though is they've done one CD of originals and a separate CD containing five remixes and four re-edits by Dimitri using the source tapes made available for the first time ever by the owners. Dimitri's remixes/edits are generally fantastic updates perfect for playing out again. In all it is a seriously great listen full of moments of great nostalgia, new discoveries and rhythms, vibes and vocals which have been sampled in so many well known records it's hard to overstate the influence this crew had on house music.

Teddy Pendergrass, Philadelphia International Records'Get Down with the Philly Sound' includes tracks from Teddy Pendergrass, The Jacksons, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Jon Davis, The Trammps, Eddie Kendricks and more.

The sleeve notes contain a brilliant set of photos and stories including Dimitri's early loathing of disco: "...in my teenage years in the late 70s I clearly remember how the disco I could hear in my Paris hometown generally sucked, and big time too....  that byproduct of white boys in sequined suits from the radio? No way."

Yes way. Out now courtesy of the nice people at BBE Records.

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