19 April 2010

Mix Featured on WorkOut Radio/Podcast in France

My latest 'The Way You Groove Me' mix has just aired on Jay U's WorkOut podcast/radio show in France.

Jay U's weekly shows are a mix of everything house related: deep, soulful, tech, progressive, and some old school jams. Recent guest mixes on the show include Louie Vega, Greg Wilson, Victor Simonelli, Rasmus Faber. WorkOut #040 starts with 48 or so minutes of Jay U playing some quality house before my mix enters.

NoizeConcept Radio: www.noizeconcept-radio.fr
Wheres The Culture radio: www.wtchouseradio.com
MadZone Generation: madzonegeneration.com
Face The Bass: www.facethebass.com/live.php
Italy on Mad Zone Generation: madzonegeneration.com
Greece on ViaSound Radio: viasound.gr
Argentina on WheresTheCulture Radio: www.wtchouseradio.com

Or download WorkOut at iTunes

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