22 April 2010

Filterwolf 'Music From Tomorrow' album review

Filterwolf, Music From Tomorrow, Process Recordings
Filterwolf's debut EP on Process Recs last year raised a few eyebrows with his quirky take on tech-house, a theme which holds here across his new album of post-minimal excellence.

Bosnian born but raised in Germany, Filterwolf is influenced by the minimal sound of recent years but adds to it a 1980s-vibe twist. Music From Tomorrow is straight-forward in concept but has an x-factor and unique funk which helps it stand out as quite distinct to most releases you’ll hear.

Starting out with ‘Sofia’, an ethnic music-inspired groove with an analog synth bouncing throughout, you immediately have an idea of the sound here. ‘Acrobat’ and ‘Terra Tech’ follow similar lines, making great use of eerie vocals intermingled with bouncing synths.

The standout track is ‘Nocturne‘, a simply brilliant piece of tech-house which will be rocking dance floors for a long time to come. On first listen it has an obviousness which could be mistaken for so much other rubbish out there but here the quality holds so well - from the vocal elements to the Kraftwerk-style futuristic cheekiness of the main synth.

‘Viva’ and ‘Hedonistica’ take a more pacey, dance floor vibe, still keeping with the theme of oddball haunting vocals, stabbed keys and an 80s-inspired quirk which you’d be hard pressed to find in such consistent quality outside of Carl Craig and other classic techno-slanted artists. Although this is a collection of singles more than a conventional artist album it is a great showcase of Filterwolf’s signature knack for producing quirky and original productions. 

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Release: 10 May 2010 online. Junodownload release page

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