27 October 2009

The Return of Prog House Dons Plastica Records

Dan Cat, Kicksy Alif Groove, Plastica, Rob WarnerAlthough progressive house never really went away the limelight has definitely been off it the past couple of years. Maybe it was the rise of electro house or minimal, but maybe it was that prog had ventured so far up its own nether region it well.... too often just sucked. Much of it in any case. Thankfully the tide against McElectro-hou5 seems to be waning and prog is reviving itself somewhat.

One label I enjoyed in the early 00s and then drifted away from was Plastic Fantastic. They've revived their Plastica sub-label in serious style in 2009 with what I'd rate as some of the coolest prog I've heard in ages.

Dan Cat (aka half of Cheshire Catz) had a superb release with 'Outa Bongolia' - taking the cake for coolness and the absolutely brilliant Q-Burns remixes of Kicksy & Alif Groove "Out Of Nowhere" make for one of the best feel-good records I've heard in ages.

Check out:
Dan Cat - Outa Bongolia / That Was Hot (one of the most orignal prog tunes you'll hear in ages!)
Corrugated Tunnel - Bulfin
Kicksy & Alif Groove - Out Of Nowhere (Q-Burns Abstract Message Remix)
Bentley & Ben Gomori - Out Comes Fabianski (with a great dub by Fabregas - release 23 Nov)

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Anonymous said...

Nice post Rob. Plastic fantastic were a great label back in the day.

Jamie B.