22 October 2009

Quality disco from Parker Musicworks

Matt Veloce, DJ Leandre, ParkerTerrence Parker has been around for literally decades - longer than I recall at least. I recently noticed his label, Parker Musicworks, generally an outlet for his own works, has started dropping some seriously dope stuff by other artists.

A few worth a mention have been on the disco-sampling tip which, by usual standards, would be a sign they're probably rubbish. Too many artists fail badly when sampling old disco tunes - the results are usually just plain soul-less rubbish. Parker however has found a really good bunch of artists doing really solid stuff. It makes a nice change from the harder styles which seem to dominate most scenes.

Matt Veloce 'Let's Get Some Love' and the lower-key Chic-sampling 'Come On' have wicked grooves reminiscent of mid-90s Cricco Castelli releases. Understated and funky as hell. Support coming from taste-makers Luke Solomon, Tedd Patterson, Anthony Shakir and more.

Another, by Parisian DJ Leandre, is a more chunky affair with Funk/Jazz/Disco influences but made with a modern house approach. 'Tripping Out' in particular is a sleazy, infectious gem - the sort of record you'd expect Dimitri From Paris to bust out. Solid stuff.

Parker Musicworks label page on Traxsource

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