3 December 2008

42 Below Silent Disco debuts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Silent Disco, Malaysia, 42 Below, Rob WarnerFollowing from the awesome silent disco at Loof in Singapore in November we're set for a repeat - two in fact - in Malaysia. The 42 Below Silent Disco hits Kuala Lumpur on 12/13 Dec at Pavilion. Pavilion is not a club, nor bar - but a luxury mall. The Silent Discos will take place at the mall in front of Christmas shoppers- It'll be my first time DJing in a location like that and probably for many of those attending.

While in KL I'll be stopping by the swanky Bamboo 9 bar as well as playing a set at the renowned Centro KL on Weds 10th and Thurs 11th of December.

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Shahrom said...

Hey Bro,

How was the Silent Disco party at KL went?