5 December 2008

Vocalist Dihann Moore - Artist Spotlight

Fallout Shelter, Dihann Moore, Tribal AmericaA singer who featured on a couple of key tracks in the mid 90s in my record crate has just popped up again with a new release so I thought I'd give props to a vocal artist who has a one in a million talent: Dihann Moore.

When Tribal America was the label to be associated with in dance music Dihann Moore featured on what I still think is one of the best examples of soulful vocal house you'll ever hear - Fallout Shelter's 'What Do You Want?' When this record came out I played my copy so many times I wore it out and had to track down a second. It also featured on the vinyl release of 'The Sound Of Tribal UK Volume 2' in exclusive percapella form which didn't leave my record crate in over a decade (I'll record it off when I get a chance!!!).

Moore also featured (although uncredited) on the 90s club anthem Alcatraz 'Giv Me Luv'. 'Giv Me Luv' was one of Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi Records' biggest early releases and it also helped skyrocket Alcatraz producer Victor Imbres' career to bigger things. They even appeared on UKs Top Of The Pops to perform the track. Moore also featured on other notable Imbres productions, 'Fire' and 'You Can Do Anything', and Sandy Rivera's Soul Vision 'Don't Hold Back'.

Moore's background comes from involvement in gospel chiors in Washington DC, USA, and many years involved in various R&B and soul bands in DC and New York.

To my surprise I discovered a new release by Moore on Kolonki Records from Italy/Russia. It's called 'Let's Keep Our Love Alive' and was produced by Itialian producer Phil R. It reminds of the classic era of vocal house before blatant hands-in-the-air big tunes steamrolled the finesse of a great garage track. Her vocals are as strong as ever - sultry, soulful and top notch.

Her solo discography isn't massive by any means given how long she's been recording but she's popped up on quite a few really quality releases as vocalist over the years. Check out some of her new songs at her website Dihann Moore myspace page. You might enjoy her style.

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