18 June 2008

Music Spiel Reviews with Rob Warner, June 2008

Classic 90s vibe techno and house seem to be popping its head up more and more as of late. Here's a couple of really solid tunes which have caught my ear in recent weeks.

Petersky - Watch My Finger Lona (Redflux Music)
Redflux drops probably their finest release to date with a futuristic tech number worthy of a Blade Runner moment. Crossing the line between synthy techno & lush prog the original version has all the hallmarks of classic – an epic introduction, a jacking groove and a standout x-factor which is uncommon in this era of metallic fodder electro. If you love deep, moody techno then this is your ticket to a rocking dance floor. Solid as ever Djinxx remixes this release in style with a Chicago-inspired deep house track which oozes class – using orchestral elements and coming up with a memorable effort.

Rob Regan – Love Was Made For 2 (Slanted Black)
“Love Was Made For 2” is house right back where it was at its best in the mid 90s when you'd walk into a club and it would have that magic vibe where you knew you were going to hear some simple, chunky and understated tunes which hooked you into a solid groove. This is one of those tunes. It’s full of groovy twists, turns and crescendos over a ten minute ride which has such an understated quality and hook to it. So so so deep.

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