2 June 2008

DJ Rob Warner - June 2008 Top 10 Chart

There's some magic new techno and tech-house tunes coming out as of late. Check out (especially) the awesome remake of Lil' Louis' "French Kiss" by Betoko from his brilliant new album Identity Crisis on WOW! Records. Redflux Records also shows a trump card with Petersky's new single on which all of the versions are bang on the money. Djinxx never fails to impress! Andy Slate is also set to release his latest bomb on Nick K's Gangsta Audio Records.

1. Petersky - Watch My Finger Lona (Djinxxs Classic Chicago mix) (Redflux)
2. Betoko - Ssik (WOW! Records)
3. Andy Slate - Illusion (Gangsta Audio Recs)
4. Tomy Declerque & Fsonik - Something New (Jesus Love You)
5. Johan Vermeulen - Indigo (original mix) (FeralCode)
6. Betoko - Someday (Mar-t remix) (WOW! Records)
7. Dan Soden - Guidance (original) (Ambiosphere)
8. Valentino Kanzyani - Nueva York (Tomy Declerque & Fsonik remix) (Jesus Loved You)
9. Libety City - If You Really Love Someone (Paul Woolford remix) (Cr2)
10. Access Denied - Ifrit (Fortek)

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