14 February 2013

Tenaglia classic remixed - Celeda 'Be Yourself'

It was a long time coming but the Danny Tenaglia-produced New York house classic Celeda 'Be Yourself' has been re-released for 2013 with a stack of mixes including by Supernova, Stephane K & Koutarou, Adam Freemer, Lateral Cut Groove and, lastly myself alongside fellow Kiwi Shaveer.

Our mix was a tribute to the classic Redzone era - remixes based around songs.

Soundcloud has samples of both of our mixes:
> Be Yourself (Rob Warner & Shaveer Redzone vocal)

> Be Yourself (Rob Warner & Shaveer Dub)

...and you can find the whole remix pack on Beatport > Be Yourself Remixes

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