3 July 2011

Rob's house and techno top 10 - July 2011

Tom Middleton, Dark Energy, Maxine Iko, Beau Rivage
Tom Middleton's latest 'One Clap Wonder' is nearing vintage Middleton in style and French deep house legend Jef K pops up on a floaty and hypnotic. Bedrock continues with a loopier, techier patch with Christian Smith 'Cabecudas' and David Phillips serves up yet another jacking drum-track with his usual quirky flare.

Rob's July 2011 house and techno top 10
1. Maxime Iko - Beau Rivage (Le Vie En Rose)
2. Tom Middleton - One Clap Wonder (Dave Storm Mix) (Dark Energy)
3. Kimouts - Sequenced (Jef K & Gwen Maze Remix) (Only Records)
4. Christian Smith - Cabecudas (Bedrock)
5. David Phillips - 6YGR (Global Ritmico)
6. Uno Mas - Grompet (H2 Remix) (Weplayminimal)
7. Recast - Consensual (Third Ear)
8. Herz - In My Mind (Main Mix) (Atom Record Industries)
9. Delano Smith - Wires (Sushitech)
10. Manny Ward - NYC Take A Bow (Slanted Black) 

Classic Pick: Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle (Legendary Club Mix) (AM:PM, 1996) Danny Tenaglia in what some consider his finest ever remix turning Janet Jackson into a bottom heavy big-room anthem  > on Youtube

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