25 April 2011

Dosem 'Parallel' Review

Dosem Parallel, sino
Fresh from collaborating with Technasia on last year's album rising Spanish production star Dosem announces the release of his first artist album, Parallel.

The best description of Parallel is that's it's a modern take on classic electronica with twists of house, techno and Balearic added in. Some of it is peak-time dance floor music while other parts are perfect for a Sunday chill.

With a sizeable 37 tracks split over two discs the first sets the mood straight away with the beachy 'Silent Drop', and 'Databasics' - the first hint of Dosem's dance-floor rocking skills - and 'Diagonal', which shows his skill at creating synthy big-room tracks which sit somewhere between classic techno and progressive house.

Those who enjoyed 'Movement', his collaboration with Technasia in 2010, wont be disappointed as he hits a similar mark again, first with 'Esnite', a grinding loopy techno track, and 'Same Process', a high energy slammer reminiscent of vintage big-room Carl Cox styles. 'Parallel Fate' is yet another slant of Dosem's skills - creating a loopy and dark DJ tool which is probably the most useful anytime track on the album.

The album has a pop-friendly moment also in 'True Elements' featuring Louder Boys. It sits only a few degrees away from having mainstream appeal but is quality enough that it'd stand out in most (good) club nights as one of the records to track down.

Dosem, album review
The second disc, 'Sendo', is where Dosem showcases some ultra-cool ambient electronica which you rarely hear anymore. It has hallmarks of French electronic legend Jean-Michelle Jarre but also that of the more chilled out tracks by English artist Bent.

Dosem's inspiration from classic sci-fi films is on show here with 'Distant Playgrounds' and 'Your Skin' both having Blade Runner soundtrack sort of qualites. Synth-led 'theme' music is probably the most apt description. 'Children of Yesterday' is similarly enjoyable and along an early Leftfield tip. Breakbeat style chillout even makes a showing in 'Six Hours' and 'Questions'. 4/4 isn't ignored on this disc either with some dubby, pitched-down house grooves by way of 'Changes' and the sublimely groovy 'Maulenia'.

There's ample to love about this album. It covers the chill-out, the synthy, the retro and Dosem's undeniable skill for conjuring up dance floor weapons. Die hard techno fans might have hoped for an entire release of that ilk but, like Technasia and Renato Cohen before him, Dosem writes the book his own way. Mission accomplished.  5/5 stars.

Album pics: 'Esnite' and 'Parallel Fate' (disc 1), 'Maulenia' (disc 2)

Dosem 'Parallel' is available as a standalone artist album or as a DJ-friendly 'separates' album in both physical or digital format.

Release date: 6 June 2011 worldwide via quality music outlets everywhere.

Dosem on Facebook, Sino Records at Junodownload

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