22 January 2011

January 2011 in Tech House (Part 1)

Octave One – Revisited Series II (430 West)
Octave One, Revisited, Sandwell District
It goes without saying that remixing the likes of Octave One ‘I Believe’ is a risky business considering its hallowed position in techno folklore. The Revisited Series attempts that, offering new remixes of Octave One gems from the 1990s. ‘I Believe’ gets the do-over by Sandwell District who keep the same minimal dubby eeriness that was central to the original. The vocals are treated well, keeping them in the same sound-track sort of vibe they were originally used. Aril Brikha handles ‘Daystar Rising’ with equal respect, coming up with a surprisingly housey and dance floor friendly remix with a cool synth line, subtle pads and no-frills groove. As much as classic usually deserve to be left untouched Octave One have thought these releases out nicely. Up next in the series are Vince Watson, Los Hermanos, Ken Ishii, Luke Slater and more. Can’t wait!

O/V/R - Post Traumatic Son (Blueprint Records)

O/V/R, Robert Hood, DVS1
Robert Hood kicks off the remixes of Post Traumatic Son with his usual sparse delivery of solid minimal groove, haunting mashing and looping of the vocals and some twisted acid keys which gurn in and out of the mix for much of the 10 minute ride. Top notch delivery but not for the faint hearted. DVS1 contributes two remixes the first of which, The DVS1 Pessimist mix, fits somewhere in the Taho sort of realm of loopy, atmospheric techno with lush pads and laidback vibe. The DVS1 Optimist mix strips away the pads and hits a more a peppy drum groove. In all the release hails back to the classic Surgeon/Mills era sound which is growing in appeal again in the techno world.

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