23 June 2010

Rob's House and Techno Reviews - June 2010

Antoine Caesar, Timur Valiev - Whisper of Mars (Indéks Music)
Antoine Caesar, Timur Valiev, Indeks Music
Indeks hits its 16th release with one of the best yet. ‘Whisper of Mars’ has a dubby, peppy groove reminiscent of some 1990s Plink Plonk releases – oozing with hypnotic elements. Everything seems to fit flawlessly here until the main groove dips out and the whispered vocals fade out to eerie horns displacing the main groove just long enough before dropping back in. The flip-side ‘Dica‘ is a groove along similar lines although more peak time in vibe. The tonky percussion gives it a roll which is quite infectious and would rock many a dance floor. This release is one for Stacey Pullen-style techno lovers. 4/5
Whisper of Mars at Beatport

Edmund - Deep Deluxe EP (DeepClass Records)
Edmund, DeepClass Records
Edmund delivers another really moving EP of deep house in a style which is really starting to take hold. In a sort of Kerri Chandler meets Milton Jackson way ‘You Got The Love’ rolls out a sparse percussion arrangement, superbly placed keys and hooky sampled vocals in a way which is eye-closing groovy. Dance floors will love this vibe even if it might be more warm-up material for many. ‘World Of Fantasies’ hits a more bouncy, spacey groove with a stuttering bassline beneath another really understated vocal. Edmund’s almost trademark stabbed keys appear here again and complete the track to perfection. 4/5
Deep Deluxe EP at Junodownload

Yuki - Unizen (Jason Phats Digital)
Yuki, Unizen, Jonas Hayes, Jason Phats
Fitting somewhere between the party and big-room house categories is this belter on Jason Phats Digital. It might ring too many bells to be an underground stormer but the original of Unizen has a dope groove, nicely arranged keys and infectious vibe. The alternative Jonas Hayes mix of Unizen will hit the mark for more DJs with a deeper, darker vibe which adds a few interesting percussion elements and is a little less epic. Dope stuff! 3/5
Unizen at Junodownload

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