25 March 2010

A DJ Mix by Rob - March 2010

Rob Warner, DJ mix, techno
Here is a new mix by me. It's got a wide variety of music on it, from new to very old and a few never-to-be-released gems, with one theme in common: groove. If you like what you see elsewhere on this blog then that's pretty much the vibe.
Link: The Way You Groove Me (March 2010)

If you were hoping for the next 'massif in Ibiza' or Pete Tong sort of thing then this definitely wont bake your noodle. If you live for Robin S remixes then you should ask yourself how you even landed here. Maybe a friend who is way cooler than you is trying to do your a favour? Perhaps you Googled 'bitchin house music' thinking you'd find a link to that Lady Gaga remake you heard in the supermarket?

Anyway, you made it this far you may as well check it out. Next time you’re getting ready to go clubbing put it on and then text your mates letting them know you’ll be 71 minutes late.

Contains music by Quicksound, Abe Duque, Alex Santer, Milton Jackson, Itokim, Danell Dixon, Marco Solforetti, Renato Cohen, Masse Memoire, Vangellis and more.


Anonymous said...

Great collection of tunes and nicely mixed too. Kenneth

adrian said...

Nice work! The "Blade Runner" intro was a nice touch mate!