8 March 2010

March House and Deep Techno Gems

Some tunes to get you through the week. From deep house to disco-infused tech-house your week will be better for it. 

Vince Watson - Love In F Minor (Everysoul Records)
Vince Watson, EverysoulDeep house with a real space jazz vibe. It's subtle as anything with lush rhodes keyboards and orchestral elements but also a dance floor knock-out at the same time. Vince Watson is all class and this has support from Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Ashley Beedle etc so you know it's quality. It also kicks of Watson's new Everysoul label. 

Arno E Mathieu - Heritage (Clima Germany)
In a similar vein to Greg Gow's 'The Bridge' on Transmat Recs this is a sparse, synthy number with Detroit techno influences. No bells and whistles or silly wooshes, just solid, quality dance music. Epic without being crass. Heritage E.P. on Junodownload 

The Crystal Ark - The City Never Sleeps (DFA Recs)
DFA at the pointy edge of the arrow here with a disco infused grinding track that's half vocal house and half mid 90s Detroit techno. Sick groove and massive peaktime potential - anywhere. The Crystal Ark on Junodownload 

Itokim / Ben Businovski - Permanence E.P. (Itinerant Records)
A 4-track EP of melodic Detroit style house. Itokim's 'When The Lights Go Out In The Village' is the kicker here - deeper than usual for him but a sparse, warm groover with spacey keys and synth action going on. Ben Businovski's 'Assurance' is a piano-led number with a twisted synth thing bubbling beneath. Itinerant on Junodownload 

Steffi feat Elif Bicer - Kill Me (Ostgut Ton)
Outstanding understated vocal house on the slower disco/tech tip (albeit with some pretty off-kilter lyrics). Most DJs will enjoy the dub but the vocal version has the sort of crossover appeal potential to rock dance floors of all sorts. Steffi 'Kill Me' on Junodownload 

Ray Mang - Look Into My Eyes (DFA Records)
This is prime example of Ray Mang's decade-and-a-half long knack for making dubbed-out disco of the highest quality. This sound has come full circle to popularity again and he's right at the top of the pecking order with stuff like this.

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