14 November 2009

Stan Kolev 'Emotional Content Remixed' : Review

Stan Kolev, Emotional Content Remixed, Eelke Kleijn'Emotional Content Remixed' is primarily a collection of the single release remixes from Stan Kolev’s 2007 album with a few new remixes added in for good measure. The opening remixes of the LP intro ‘Routts‘ are done by Faces who takes things synthy in the progressive style Ready Mix are known for. Beat Factory’s remix of the same track is a more big-room affair with a techy slant and cut up vocal snippets used to great effect. ‘Inner Sense’, a total gem in its original form, is remixed by Dutch duo Edwin & Ferdy who impress with their trademark, a laid back and low key vibe remix. Christos Fourkis remixes the same track taking a more groovy, hypnotic vibe while UK’s K-Bana takes on two remixes ‘Inner Sense’ and ‘Get There’ with a bouncy, crisp groove for both. Eelke Kleijn’s remix of ‘Flashback‘ is also included - a grinding gem which would rock any late night jam with ease. Daniel Kyo, Marrakech, The Quasar, Add2Basket, Human8 and more contribute solid mixes making, in all, 15 remixes with more than enough quality to set up any lover of progressive or tribal infused house with a hour of quality listening.

@Beatport: Emotional Content Remixes

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