20 November 2009

Rob's Reviews - Nov 2009 (take 2)

More gems which are keeping the groove going for November.

Marcelo Tag - The Broken Harted (Prosthetic Pressings)Marcello Tag, Prosthetic Pressings, review
Italian Marcelo Tag’s latest release is his best to date for dance floor effectiveness. The original of ‘The Broken Harted’ is loopy drum-laden tech-house which rolls along solidly before ducking into a section of freaky guitar action which adds just enough to lighten the tone without being too big or obvious. Gabriel Boni’s remix is the winner of the package though,
taking on a Chicago-esque groove initially but adding more and more off-kilter elements and effects which result in a totally wacky piece of tech-house which would work on any forward thinking dance floor. It’s a rare track with enough of a soulful groove to please house-lovers but also twisted enough for the tech-house crew.

DJ Leandre - Tripping Out (Parker Musicworks)
Parisian DJ Leandre steps into Terrence Parker’s label with a funk/disco sampling gem which would be at home in Chicago in 1996. It follows from the label’s last release by Matt Veloce which set a very high standard. The main event on the release is ‘Tripping Out’, a chunky house track affair with a big funk sample and massive chunky swing to alongside some supreme percussion which sounds like it’s straight out of Dimitri From Paris’ record box. ‘Love 4 Sale’ is a more disco vibe affair with a sleazy groove and fantastic piano riff straight out of the 80s. If Ray Mang, Moodymann or quality disco-inspired house is your thing then you’ll enjoy this a ton!

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