9 September 2009

Rob Warner's Future Garage Top 10, Sept 09

Orlando Voorn, Itokim, Daniel KyoA major month for great music with both Japan and the Netherlands pumping out Detroit-esque futuristic sounds courtesy of Itokim and Orlando Voorn, two of the most talented producers out there as of late. Tribal rhythms also have a foot in the door with Serial Smokers "Talk is Cheap" and Rissidium "Midnight to Twilight".

Future Garage Top Ten
1. Itokim - Colourless (Itinerant Records)
2. Orlando Voorn - Angles (Itokim Praise mix) (Nice & Nasty)
3. Ascion & D.Carbone - Bad Bass (Alexi Delano Remix) (Smallroom)
4. Daniel Kyo - Synecdoque (Edwin & Ferdy Remix) (Ready Mix)
5. Serial Smokers - Talk is Cheap (Jaimy Remix) (Fatal Music)
6. Rissidium - Midnight to Twilight (NightChild Records)
7. Jackie Misfit - Kundi La Mapendo (Nima Gorji remix) (Jesus Loved You)
8. Fer Ferrari - In the Way (DeepClass Records)
9. Sick Fuck - Where Is The Kitchen? (Twisted)
10. Duomek - Bahrat (original mix) (Mintgum)

Classic Pic: Gerd - Arkest's Blaze (Music Man)
A 1995 backwards beat intro techno monster. Made famous on Stacey Pullen's DJ Kicks mix. Gerd records as Literon and Amplified Orchestra these days.

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Nice one mate. I have to check some of these out. Ter.