9 October 2008

Rob Warner Top Ten Chart - October 08

The never-ending pursuit of new music is thankfully catered to perfectly by geniuses all over the world. Here are ten picks for October - an overall more techy slant than usual from me but still great music nonetheless.

1. Hermannstadt Collective - Flash Gordon (Immigrant Records)
2. Mog - Insekt (Petersky Remix) (Redflux Music)
3. The Diogenes Club - CDPT (Urbantorque)
4. M.in & Spedro - My Way (Höhenregler)
5. Milton Jackson - It's A Garage Thing (Dark Energy)
6. Finley – Movement (Slanted Black)
7. Submerge 101 - Sickness (Bas Mooy remix) (Prosthetic Pressings)
8. ZoeXenia - I know I know (Riva Starr Scat Remix) (Kaufe Musik)
9. Ono - Give Peace A Chance (Tszpun Remix Ver2) (Twisted)
10. Friscia and Lamboy - Chunga (Donny Hotwheel & Kemist mix) (Redstick Recs)

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