21 August 2007

Radio show tracklist - George FM, 21 August

George FM show, 8-10pm, 21 August, 2007.

Tracklist : Rob Warner
Corrina Joseph - Live Your Life With Me (Atlantc Jaxx)
DJ Cocoe - Just Dance (Immigrant Records)
Funk D'Void - Lovin' (Your Body mix) (Soma)
Dr Tang ft Yannis - Doooope (CDR)
Craig Mitchell - Rhythm (Original) (Slanted Black)
Jordan Two Delta - Stomp (Poussez Remix) (Sensual Records NYC)
Danell Dixon - The Way You Groove Me (Rob W re-edit) (CDR)
The Timewriter - Vintage Circuits (Plastic City)
Lincoln Six Echo - Rheya (Plastic City)
Jeff Bennett - Delving (Alexander Koning Remix) (Kungfu Dub)
QuestionmarQ - Fumble (Helvetica Records)
Jordan Two Delta - Stomp (K1W1 Remix) (Sensual Records NYC)
Le Noir - Eleny (Original) (Fling Records)
Wehbba & Christian Fischer - Quick Fix (Andy Slate Remix) (Mainfloor)
Valentino Kanzyani - Zvijaca (C Smith & J Selway remix) (Circle Music)
Tantamanna - Love Was (Redflux Music)
Squash 84 - Neon (Only Records)
Inner City - Big Fun (Les Adams Remix) (Virgin Records)


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