26 July 2007

Review : Trafik - Club Trafikana (GU Music)

Trafik Review, GU MusicTrafik's previous album, Bullet, was a fantastic blending of styles before it was popular earning them fans in all corners of the dance music world including the crème of the progressive crew and many big-room party DJs. Their new Club Trafikana LP is again a solid piece of work with tons to love.

The opening track, "Cut Your Teeth", shows the meshing of the group's previous rock influences into their current sound and is sure to be played to death worldwide with a massive vocal and epic feel.

The album hosts a couple more tracks of similar style and quality but also delves into the housier end of things with "Thought Line" - a more groove oriented club number which reminds me more of Silicone Soul than Trafik. Nice indeed.

Electro-house makes a showing in "Dum Dum" and "Salt In NYC" - both solid if unspectacular tunes which set the stage for "Le Beeatch" which is the sure-fire anthem of the album. The energy and vocals of this one are simply awesome and will see this get played world over by anyone wanting to crank a party into top gear. A nod to the classic GU sound comes in the form of "Indestructible" which is an epic progressive breakbeat tune and "Find Me", a more mellow melding of dance and rock styles.

Club Trafikana achieves something that so few albums do – to be an album in itself – something you can listen to from start to finish as a single sitting and hear what the artist is all about. Their live act is notoriously awesome and I can see why listening to this.


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