18 May 2007

Review : GU – Mixed (Global Underground)

GU – Mixed (Global Underground)
GU Mixed, Review
It's not often you get a Global Underground CD which doesn't have a name like Howells, Digweed or Tenaglia occupying the cover. GU Mixed is the latest Global Underground CD and its solely about the music – kick-ass music they've sourced from the farthest corners of the globe and spun together into a three-CD pack which, despite not having a moody looking DJ on the cover, is a solid mix.

In true GU fashion the mix starts with some dubby, low-key tunes by big names Trentemoller, Danny Tenaglia, and Funk D'Void. The groove is set pretty quickly and you can tell it's going to be a couple of hours before you realise how much time has passed.

Into the mix Angel Moraes "Operator" gives a taste of New York shuffly campness while Cubic "Superflyin" and Arias "Twelve" drop in as the big-tune party section of the first disc begins. "Mal Function" by man of the moment Emjae rings through the speakers before the massive Saul B vs Leo Girardi "Manga", a definite epic house anthem for 2007. X-Press 2, Bent and UNKLE follow to round off the first mix.

Slam's "Azure" sets the stage for the second mix which follows a similar path to the first – starting out minimal and dubby and picking the pace up through some gem tunes by James Talk, Lützenkirchen, Wehbba and more. Solid as always Roland Klinkenber's "Mexico Can Wait" and Aril Brihkka's "Winter" change the direction of the mix into a floaty nu-prog sound which is smooth and sparse and classic GU style music. Sébastien Léger, Jim Rivers and Gabriel & Dresden and more follow before the end of the disc. Overall a very hypnotic vibe for the mix.

Disc three of the release is the "Classics mix". This is not full of obvious classics but the classics you'd expect to hear if you put on a GU CD which came out in 1993. Even if you're not familiar with the tunes you will still totally enjoy them. Last Rhythm "Open Your Mind", Doi-ong "Good Feeling" and WestBam "Hold Me Back" all bring back old clubbing memories and piano house makes a showing with Shades of Rhythm "Sweet Sensation" and Smallage "Together". Altogether quite a beachy vibe which somehow avoids sounding as dated as the age of the music would suggest.

Living up to the high bar set by "GU Ten" was a task in itself but "GU Mixed" does a solid job of setting the standard for forward-thinking mixes. Nice!

Reviewed by DJ Rob Warner


Amy C said...

Awesome looking Cd Rob. When is it out?

kenneth said...

Will check this one out Rob.