25 April 2007

Luca Ricci Presents 1 Year Of Aenaria Tribal

Luca Ricci, Aenaria, Review
This is the new school of tribal house. We're past the years of banging wall of drums and the mood has changed in recent times. Aenaria Tribal has been slowly building momentum for the past year with its melding of soulful tribal and ethnic sounds in a string of quality releases. Italian producer Luca Ricci launched Aenaria Tribal in 2006 to showcase young artists who were making waves and this compilation, also his first mix CD, is a tribute to their first year.

As fast as you put this CD on you'll be hooked into the hypnotic groove is lays down – not too hard, not to fast, just right where it should be. Belocca "Indonesia" kicks the mix off and was one of the label's favourite releases last year – a melding of tribal, ethnic and progressive styles – before Luca's own "Last Inca Tribe" with Redkone picks up the pace a bit. The following tunes by Glender, Natural Born Groovers and Unlogic follow the ethnic path before the mix moves to a more New York sound with the awesome Mitch Boys "Understanding" – an almost 1990s inspired tune which will blow any cobwebs off the rafters. Deep 'N Soul hits the mix next with "Free Your Mind", a futuristic and jacking track which buzzes with energy and attitude and is followed by more from the Mitch Boys, Jaimy & Luca Ricci. The tail end of the CD comes too soon with rising Swiss stars Dan Welton v BP Zulauf's "Bad Mojo" a dark big-room stormer and Luca Ricci and (Boston's staunch tribalist) Craig Mitchell's "Hellz Yeah", a personal favourite on the mix.

This is an excellent mix CD which does what so many others fail to do – which is to show some style. Luca Ricci does a superb job with this mix. My only complaint is it wasn't a double CD release.

More info and online shopping can be found at Aenaria Records (Luca Ricci Presents 1 Year of Aenaria Tribal) - Review by Rob Warner

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Kenneth said...

trial rob. how you going with things? i'll check the cd out when it comes out.