22 February 2007

Deep Dish classics George FM show - 27 Feb

Sharam from Deep Dish played in Auckland on 1st March. He mixed up a storm to a couple of hundred Thursday night party goers. To promote the event I played a guest show on George FM radio - a Deep Dish classics mix. I almost forgot just how many amazing tunes DD did which rocked in the 90s.

George FM Tracklist:
Deep Dish - Sexy Dance (Tribal America)
Global Communications - The Deep (Deep Dish Pump mix) (Dedicated)
Depeche Mode - Free Love (Deep Dish vocal) (Mute)
Deep Dish - Stranded in Dub (BT vs DD Edit 2) (DD Recs)
Dished Out Bums - A Glass of Chianti (Yoshitoshi)
Deep Dish - Wear The Hat (Tribal America)
Satori - Satori (XS Funk-in-yo-ass remix) (Yoshitoshi)
Elastic Reality - Cassa De X (Deep Dish Does X) (Tribal)
Deep Dish pres Prana - The Dream (Sharam's Deep Dish Dreamscape) (Tribal)
Watergate - Lonely Winter (Sharam's Blue dub) (DD Recs)
Deep Dish pres Quench - High Frequency (Danny's Ballroom edit) (Tribal)
Naomi Daniel - Feel The Fire (DD Burning remix) (DD Recs)
Adam F - Music in My Mind (DD Twister dub) (F-Jams)
Chocolate City - Love Songs (Bomb the Whitehouse mix) (Tribal)
NYDC - Up In This House (Tribal)
Everything But The Girl - Wrong (Deep Dish dub) (Virgin)
Olive - Miracle (DD miracle of dub) (RCA)
Deep Dish - After Hours (Tribal)
Deep Dish - Sex is Cool (Tribal)
Ashley Beedle - Revolutions in Dub (Deep Dish Jumping At The Factory Bar mix 1) (Narcotic)
E-N - The Horn Ride (Deep Dish On Some Good Crack rmx) (Tribal)
Alcatraz - Give me Luv (Deep Dish 11th Hour Remix) (AM:PM)

I wish I'd recorded it!! DOH!

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