31 January 2012

DJ-Idol contest for laughs

The whole non-DJing world could learn a fair bit about the art of DJing via Simon Cowell's latest idea that is basically the DJs version of Idol. DJ-Idol.

Well, that's the idea at least. Any DJ worth their salt can take one look at the early names associated with the judging side of the event have a hearty laugh at who is involved.

Steve Aoki, OK - I'll give the guy some credit as an entertainer. Not my kind of DJ and, who knows, maybe he's got a great eye for picking talent. I haven't heard so much but you can't rule it out.

Paul Oakenfold. No.. wait...the man who some say invented trance and mixing perfectly while holding his arms out horizontally to show that he can do it without even touching the equipment? Yep, him. It's a longtime industry inside joke that Oakey often plays pre-mixed CDs during his sets - no-one really cares to be honest. Whatever he may have been once upon a time in the prog and trance scene, he got lost a long time ago.

Jamie Jones, now he is a quality DJ. How on earth he has become involved with this show is beyond me. I'll be stoked to discover he was offered some obscene amount of coin to be involved.

Not at all sure how the show will be arranged but in an on-stage TV format basically only battle style Djing would be practical so it'd not result in the next Pauly D. Maybe they'll have other tasks... like making a fibre-glass performance helmet which portrays a rodent. Or an military style race to see who can strip down a SL1200 and put it back together in less than 90 seconds.

For a more amusing take of the ins and outs of this ten years late idea for a show check out Bedmo Disco's blog.

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