18 May 2011

Gunther & Stamina 'B018 Series Vol.001' Review

Dance music is an interesting thing - there are tiny enclaves globally which have done it their own way and become influential to a much wider audience. Catering to a loyal audience and sticking to your guns has resulted in some of house music's memorable locations such as Sound Factory, Zouk, The Egg etc. Beirut, Lebanon seems an unlikely location for such an achievement but B 018, which opened its doors in 1998, has achieved just that. It shines as an example of what happens when a good party concept becomes a great club. With its prize-winning architecture and a collective of talented DJs conducting the music B 018 has grown to become one of the most highly regarded clubs anywhere.
B018, Beirut, Gunther & Stamina
Now, longtime B 018 resident DJs Gunther & Stamina have compiled a collection of forward thinking house and progressive tunes and seamlessly mixed them into B 018 series Vol.001.

Starting out with the low-down, chuggy groove of Tundra's 'Organs of Youth' the scene is set for a hypnotic mix. Pepo 'The Dark Side Calling' hammers a gothic disco groove of the highest quality, a marching beat under a sparse soundscape of quirky stabs and a bottom heavy roll. This groove continues with Innate 'Parabolic Curve' (Beat Factory remix) before taking a sideways turn into the peppy and percussive sounds of Soul Collective 'Shy' remixed by The Suppliers.

D-Nox and Beckers hit the mark shortly after with their remix of Voltaxx & Lissat's 'Sunrise Over Mali', one of the highlights of the mix with funky piano stabs and ethnic tinges. The ever consistent Stan Kolev makes a showing alongside DJ Lion before Dom Kane's 'Don't Talk' kicks things up a notch with a buzzing synth-line and tweaking peaks. The mix finishes with the acidic madness of Cid Inc 'Craving', a track any techy/proggylover should seek out as a peak-time weapon.

Gunther & Stamina, Ready Mix
As with Gunther & Stamina, many of the artists here are new to me. Realising there are like-minded people all around the world is one of the coolest things about clubs and artists who have stuck at it for the love of quality music. B 018 Vol.001 delivers the goods here and shows that the Middle East can serve it up just as good as anywhere else when it comes to quality house music.

Out now on Ready Mix Records as mixed CD or DJ-friendly unmixed at Junodownload.

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