15 April 2011

April in tech-house - #1

Some tunes baking my noodle this April - Part 1.

Omid 16B - At Night EP (Alola Records)
Omid 16B, Alola Records
Following from the Sounds Like Alola compilation Omid 16B drops this sublime EP to get the ball rolling again. 'At Night' sits in the sort of experimental vs club category of house – rolling enough for the dance floor but quirky in a mid-90s Pullen/Transmat sort of way – a warm bassline, funky segues and a great intro earn this to marks. ‘Evo Lustation’ is more in the vein of Omid’s releases in recent years - a melodic and hypnotic groove with his trademark intricate percussion giving it heaps of appeal for both tech-house and prog lovers. at Beatport (out 17 April)

Kelly Sylvia - Musae EP (S*mplified Recordings)
Kelly Sylvia, Musae, Simplified
Deep tech-house is the tip here with 'Musae' being the bouncy main attraction. It fits in the sort of Jeff Bennett/Djinxx vibe – moody and low-key but still with enough going on to make it a dance floor winner. ‘Entre Nous’ is the hypnotic groover of the release with a Kerri Chandler-esque roll but down the futuristic/ethereal end of tech house. Subtle keys and stabs pad out the track and things morph to a nice, almost progressive, vibe once the main melody enters the arrangement. If deep tech is what you’re into you'll enjoy this. at Traxsource (out 20 April)

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