3 April 2011

Rob Warner's Top 10 Chart - April 2011

Rob Warner, Kramnik, Cue Play
Gritty darkness is the name of the game with Kramnik's Kramnik 1.0 EP which sounds half 90s tribal and half modern dubby techno. Canada's BiG AL drops the sublimely deep 'Date In the Sky' and New Jersey's Frankie Pep goes for a similar moody with 'Jammed'.

Rob Warner's Deep/Tech Chart,  April 2011
1. Kramnik - Viclone (Cue Play Records)
2. BiG AL - Date in The Sky (DeepSoundExpress Remix) (Extremly House Music)
3. Alex Deep - History Repeating (Pure Substance Digital)

4. Frankie Pep - Jammed (Boss Mix) (NightChild Records)
5. Kelly Sylvia - Entre Nous (Simplified Recordings)
6. Paul Lyman - Witchcraft (Veryverywrongindeed Recordings)
7. Android Cartel - The Jazz (Mija Recordings)
8. Broombeck - Tik Tik Tak (Andy Slate remix)
9. Antoine Caesar & Timur Valiev - Whisper of Mars (Etapp Kyle Remix) (Indeks)
10. 2nd Act - Karmen (Really Really Big Records)

Classic Pick: Coco Da Silva - Lost (Kismet Records, 2000) One of Rui Da Silva's least hyped but dopest releases. It's a dark and dubby roller based around a sample of Sister Sledge's disco classic 'Lost In Music'.

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