4 March 2011

Rob Warner's Top Ten - March 2011

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Estroe drops another Detroit inspired number continuing her impeccably high standards while Kevin Saunderson re-releases Resse & Santonio's late 80's classic to show he can still teach the new-school a thing or two. And if there was an insane techy moment of the year so far it must be Mitch Davis' 'The God Particle'. Played at the right moment it would be the highlight of any night.

Rob Warner's Tech-Soul Chart,  March 2011
1. Estroe - Quirky Detroit (EevoNext)
2. Reese & Santonio - The Sound (Brandon DeCarlo Re-work) (KMS)
3. Mitch Davis - The God Particle (Black Sheep Trax)
4. Nenad Todic - Twisted (NightChild)
5. Cesare vs Disorder - My Bag Lost In Berlin (Dumb-Unit)
6. DJ Mourad - Anne Aimee (Nice & Nasty)
7. Steve Stoll - FBP (Original Mixx) (ASRX Detroit)
8. Drive D & Goshva - Nana (Mucky Pups aka M.in & Jonas Remix) (Weplayminimal)
9. Agoria feat Kid A - Heart Beating (Argy Tension mix) (Infine Music)
10. Levitium & Elias Alcivar - Indian Spirit (Original Mix) (unsigned)

Classic Pic: Apollo 440 - Krupa (Alcatraz remix) (Stealth Sonic, 1996) Dubby, dark and driving underground house from the heyday of Alcatraz' aka 1990s Deep Dish engineer Victor Imbres and Jean-Phillippe Aviance. Apollo 440 were on a roll with this remix.

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