22 March 2011

March in Tech House (Part 1)

Dope records. There be lots of them these days.

Andy Slate - Nevertheless (Soul Mate)
Andy Slate, Nevertheless, Soul Mate
Tribal shmibal this is not. With so many faux ethnic music about which lack any real x-factor this is quite an interesting alternative. Made with a sort of Detroit techno/Renato Cohen sort of approach but with an added tribal loop and chant this stands out as a track which would seriously kick ass in heaps of situations. The chant is sort of kooky but works well without being too obvious/Pete Tong. The release comes with a more synthy variation and a drum tool/beats version so one of them will be right whatever you needs. at Junodownload

Android Cartel - Dreams of NYC EP (Mija Recordings)
Android Cartel, Mija
While this doesn't exactly make me think of NYC it's a quality listen nonetheless. 'Taking Flight' is a deeper, big-room drum track with narcotic synth pads and pretty uncluttered arrangement. 'Release' is a more percussive, peppy tribal number with some crafty vocal treatments and edits which give it a peak-time vibe without being overly big. 'The Jazz' ends the EP in a jammy, jazz-influenced manner which the likes of Joe Claussell, Jerome Sydenham would be proud of - not to mention having cheekily Fela Kuti-inspired melody and vocals. at Junodownload

Justin Berkovi - Flight (EevoNext)
Justin Berkovi, Eevonext
Berkovi has been making quality music for ages and his latest EP isn't any different. The title track is a skippy, techy groove with his usual understated keys, little rides, crashes etc. 'From within the cosmos' is a ethereal spacy number bordering on the whale-farting vibe but dark enough for a reprise moment. 'Dawn brings hope' is the real gem here - another minimal groove but with a cleverly disguised vocal as a background loop until finally coming to the fore in the middle of the track adding an epic deep techno atmosphere. Well worth the 2 bucks. at Junodownload

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